From Nicaragua to Ecuador, Children Living in Poverty Need Our Help

From a small village in Ecuador, Joe Brandi shares a vision for a new outreach through Unity 4 Orphans to bring programs for healing and change to poor children.

After his annual summer visit to our program in Nicaragua, Joe traveled on to Ecuador to meet with contacts and develop a vision for the future of U4O’s programs in Latin America. It has been on our hearts as an organization to reach even more children living in poverty, and Joe’s visit was the first step.

Extending Holistic Support to Vulnerable Communities in Latin America

Standing on muddy streets in a typical Ecuadorian village, Joe gives a glimpse of the lifestyle of its residents. He calls it rustic and simple, yet beautiful, and says the people are calm. In this place, most children have limited access to education, with no vision for them to attend college.

Jesus ministered to places like this, bringing hope, love, and light to small, semi-forgotten locations and populations. Reaching people, especially children, is a God-given vision to bring opportunities for learning English, receiving an education, and even extending the option of college to help the kids break the cycle of poverty.

We want to create a God vision for them to have a future that’s different from the one they already have.
–Joe Brandi

Do you want to be a part of this transformation? As we begin preparations to spread our programs into Ecuador, our focus also remains with the children we support in Nicaragua. Please go to our website and view those in need of sponsorship. Together, we can change the futures of these precious kids.

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