Cuando Regresan?

“It’s amazing how much love you feel for the kids and from the kids. It touches my heart deeply every time.”

It’s been a full year since our last service trip to visit the orphanages in Tijuana. As much as it’s been hard for us, during a recent Saturday we came to see just how hard it’s been on the 33 kids at Siempre Para Los Ninos.

For 365 days they’ve not been able to leave the orphanage, confined to their living quarters, indoor common space, and the small outdoor play area, they’ve been extremely limited. In the last 12 months, they’ve had a total of just TWO visitors.

That all changed on February 27th. A total of 13 participants joined us for our first trip of 2021. It was amazing to see the kids’ need for interaction and connection so clearly on display. Laughter and smiles filled the atmosphere and pure joy was the center of it all; not only for the kids but even for those on the trip.

*smash* was the sound of the balls being rolled into the cups as the kids played bowling. Each one patiently waiting in line for their turn. Cheering each other on in excitement and anticipation for their opportunity. *stomp, stomp, stomp* was the sound of the children’s feet pattering on the floor as they jumped the big rope together. 

The excited cry of “Loteria!” rang out from kids filling their game board to win prizes. Yes, the kids had fun, trip members too, but it was the conversations and the connections that made the day trip that much more special.

“You need to experience it; it’ll change you,” says Arturo, one of our trip members. Another participant, Hannah, says, “It’s amazing how much love you feel for the kids and from the kids. It touches my heart deeply every time.”

When it was time to leave, all you could hear was, “No se vayan; don’t go!” and, “Cuando regresan? When are you coming back?” It’s safe to say our first service trip of 2021 was a wonderful event. The kids were loved, trip participants were challenged, and everyone was safe. The only question left to ask is, will YOU be part of the next one?

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Unity for orphans with the kids from Siempre Para Los Ninos

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