Ecuador Vision Trip 2018

It sounds cliche…..”help us bring the love of Christ to xyz.”  Even as a Christian writing this, it sounds cliche. To us, (my wife and I), it sounded cliche up until about a year ago when we first took our initial service trip to Tijuana with Unity 4 Orphans.

Then it became real.  The boys and girls were no longer a picture, but instead, real children that we got to know as we interacted more with them through additional trips.  Just like that, we got hooked and knew God was putting orphans in our hearts. We began to know them and they began to know us. Seeds of hope were planted by others and now we got to share in that same hope.

They don’t have much.  Even by our “not much” standards, they have less than that.  They do however, have something that transcends understanding.  When a human being, especially an American, shows up at their doorstep to help and care for them, a well of hope begins to fill. That hope then bounces in both directions.

My wife has had her hair done in unimaginable ways by little girls.  I have had the privilege of kicking the soccer ball around within the parameter of their cement playground.  God commands us to help those in need. These little kids will grow to become the next generation of adults. So He chose us.  You and us. Not all can give, but some can travel. Not all can travel, but some can give. All we ask is for you to join with us and Unity 4 Orphans to bring a little bit of hope to a place that we believe Jesus calls His own.

We have the opportunity to make Christmas dreams come true and improve sustainability for San Vicente De Paul orphanage in Quito, Ecuador. Our goal is to raise $2,500 before the end of November to secure this mission trip.

San Vicente De Paul is a private run orphanage consisting of nuns and volunteers.  The Ecuadorian government gives support only with school books and breakfast. The elderly nuns are required to raise funds every year for clothing, shoes, and toys.  This Christmas we can change that! Help us bring the love of Christ to these children and volunteers this Christmas.

If we exceed our goal of $2,500, 100% of the funds will go to purchase food, supplies, and gifts to the orphanage.

Our vision is to establish a relationship with this orphanage, along with others that help abandoned children.  Our goal is to build a bridge, making two trips per year with this orphanage being our primary focus. We also intend to visit another orphanage whose priority is the care of abandoned children affected with AIDS and HIV.

We are not going blindly.  I (Ed) was born in Ecuador and lived there multiple times throughout my life, including two years of high school. We know the language and can easily assimilate into their culture.

Through our volunteer work with Unity 4 Orphans this past year, we have gained valuable experiences in our multiple trips to Tijuana, Mexico.  We have been a part of group trips and ventured out on our own. We have found through our experience that the generosity of time and resources lifts the spirit of hope in these young children, volunteers, and community.

Even if you cannot contribute financially, partner with us by praying for this vision.  Just as a wildfire can begin with a tiny spark, with prayer, this vision can spread the same!

-Ed and Xochitl Andrade

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