New Bike and Scooter Donations Bless Kids at Orphanages in Tijuana

The children at the orphanages served by Unity 4 Orphans are riding new bikes and scooters thanks to drives held by Moonshot Brands and SmarterX.

One of the pillars of our philosophy is Play 4 Change, a program that includes monthly service trips when volunteers visit the orphanages U4O supports in Tijuana. Our holistic approach encompasses education, counseling, nutrition, shelter, and our most hands-on program, Play 4 Change.

scooters from a scooter and bike drive to be donated to orphaned and vulnerable children in Mexico

Through spending time with the kids on service trips, volunteers create memorable experiences that last long after the day ends, and the children love connecting with people who visit the orphanages and play with them.

Play relieves feelings of stress and boredom, connects us to people in a positive way, stimulates creative thinking and exploration, regulates our emotions, and boosts our ego.
-Garry Landreth, Play therapy pioneer

Bicycle Drive Blesses Children at Orphanages in Mexico

donors with bikes for orphaned and vulnerable children in Mexico from a bike drive

Local business SmarterX reached out to partner with us during their annual company kickoff in San Diego. For the team-building component of the event, their staff worked in groups to build seven bikes, which they then donated to Unity 4 Orphans.

The children we serve at the orphanages are playing and getting exercise thanks to the generosity of this awesome group of employees and philanthropic company culture. Studies show that collaboration is a strong driver of workplace performance, and can be fun in the process!

Scooter Drive Brings Joy to Orphaned and Vulnerable Children

Orphaned and vulnerable children in Mexico riding on scooters from a scooter drive

Thanks to Moonshot Brands in Carlsbad, the children at the orphanages in Tijuana are enjoying active outdoor play on brand-new scooters. Over 300 scooters were delivered to the kids with the help of our Mexico ministry partners.

Community members Cort Peters and Carlie Michaels made it happen, and we’re so grateful for their thoughtfulness. For many of the kids we serve, this is the first time they have owned a new set of wheels, and we hope the smiles on their faces warm your heart as they do ours.

Host a Drive to Benefit Orphaned Children in Tijuana

We have an awesome community of volunteers, donors, and supporters with no shortage of creativity. Some of our past drives have included coats, socks, toys, and learning materials, and the kids and staff at the orphanages always appreciate donated items. If you have an idea or a connection to a drive or donation that would bless the kids, please get in touch!

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