One Creative Kid Gives Back for the Holidays

Juliana is a 5th grader who lives in San Diego. She has been tasked by her teacher with a “20% Project” for this school year, in which each student does something that benefits themselves or someone else. She decided to knit stuffed animals to give to children in need, based on one that her mom made for her. 

Juliana says, “I chose this project because I want to make kids as happy as I was when my mom made me one . . .”

“I call them ‘Companions’ because they’re not only for play, but because they accompany you when you’re sad and lonely.”

The heart behind this project resonates with many of us, as we know how much our children’s favorite stuffed animal, doll, or toy means, and the amount of pure comfort they can bring. As Juliana and her mom were searching for an organization to support, they came across Unity 4 Orphans’ website and she set a goal to knit 20-30 stuffed animals to give to the children we serve in Mexico. Especially during this time of year, a new companion can bring so much joy to a child in need. We are inspired by Juliana’s kind heart and giving spirit, and hope that you are, too!

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