Back-to-School Supply Drive for Orphanage Kids in Mexico

The global pandemic is still being felt by the children at the orphanages in Mexico, who are struggling to get back on track in school; help them start strong for next year!
The children at the orphanages in Mexico continue to study hard this summer to make up for the time and knowledge lost during COVID. While not ideal, we are grateful to be able to provide a teacher at each orphanage to help them catch up and get back on track over the summer.Grinning boy holding new school supplies Back-to-school supply drives brings smiles to kids in Mexico

COVID Caused Educational Setbacks for School Children

After being out of school for two years due to the pandemic, many students have fallen so far behind, that they’re in danger of facing permanent setbacks in their education. Thankfully, we are able to make sure this doesn’t happen and have set a plan into motion. But we need your help!

U4O teachers work every day with the kids, even over their school vacation, to accelerate their knowledge and provide much-needed practice for reading skills and math literacy. At one orphanage, it’s a regular sight to see older kids pairing up with younger kids to read out loud to them for 20 minutes. 

It’s wonderful to be able to help the children with their school supplies, which are so necessary, and it’s a great time of year to find sales and donate to help the kids succeed this school year!
–Vicki Lundberg, Volunteer

Summer Learning at the Orphanage Boosts Academic Skills for All Ages of Kids

Teacher Karla reports that the kids are showing great participation and are more motivated to read. In fact, she’s given them the challenge to read a book per week to earn a small prize at the end of the summer. We are grateful to everyone who contributed to our Book Drive during the spring to make this reading initiative possible!

We are asking for your help again to outfit these kids with the learning supplies they need for this summer and the new school year ahead. If you’re able to give, please click the link below to view our school supply list on Amazon. You can purchase supplies and ship items directly to us!

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