sponsor violeta puerto

Violeta Puerto

My name Violeta de los Ángeles, which means “violet of the angels.” I’m in the intermediate English group. I would like to be a civil engineer when I grow up and I hope speaking English will help me get a good job. I’m in 10th grade and am excited to go to college one day. My favorite hobby is listening to music.

sponsor angel callejas

Angel Callejas

Hola, my name is Angel Gabriel and I’m 15 years old. I’m in the Intermediate English group and hope to complete the full program at Unity 4 Orphans, and become an English/Spanish interpreter or translator. I enjoy surfing the internet to research new things so I can learn more about the world.

sponsor alexandra rivas

Alexandra Rivas

Hi, my name is Alexandra Lorena and I’m a triplet, which always makes life interesting. I’m in 9th grade and am studying hard because I’d like to be a lawyer one day. I enjoy spending time with my friends and watching video on social media. I hope to be in the advanced English group soon.

sponsor yanelis lopez

Yanelis Lopez

I like to watch TV; I love reading books online. I listen to music all the time and I like to sing and
dance. I also like to study. I am o sure, but I would like to be an English teacher. I would like to work at a call center. I would like to study Tourist at University. I live with my mother, father and little sister, and grandmother.

sponsor david suarez

David Guido

David lives with his relatives in Miramar, Nicaragua.

sponsor filiberto rivas U4O student

Filberto Rivas

Filberto lives with his family in Miramar, Nicaragua.

Unity 4 Orphans Sponsor a Child

Danilo Cruz

Danilo lives with his family in Miramar, Nicaragua.

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