Together We Accomplished So Much in 2022!

Our year-end campaign raised $50,000 towards the first phase of construction on the Unity 4 Orphans Transformation Center for vulnerable children in Nicaragua!

In 2022, we achieved some major goals together with our amazing community, and have set our sights on building the Miramar Transformation Center in 2023. Thanks to the generosity of many individuals, families, and businesses, we reached half of our fundraising goal during Giving Season at the end of last year.


The Transformation Center Will Usher in Brighter Futures

With $50,000 remaining to initiate phase one of the construction process, we celebrate how far we’ve come while keeping an eye on the future. 2022 brought us more volunteers than ever before, more service trips to the kids at the orphanages in Mexico than they’ve had in years, and saw our ESL program grow and the students learning from the new Oxford curriculum. We expanded our reach to serve vulnerable children in Ecuador, Punta Mita, and at home in San Diego.

Unity 4 Orphans Nicaragua Transformation Center

Thank you to all who were generous towards us, who shared our posts . . . it helps us continue in the mission that God has given us, especially to build the Transformation Center for a poor village that most of the world has forgotten about in Nicaragua.
–Joe Brandi

In the new year, we look forward to seeing the progress of the Transformation Center as this incredible vision comes to fruition. We’ll share stories of community members reaching out and children’s lives being transformed towards brighter futures along the way, and hope you’ll join us on the journey. It’s going to be a great ride!

Unity 4 Orphans ESL Students in Nicaragua Express their thanks for Sponsors and Supporters in 2022

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