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According to the UN, Northern Baja’s area of Mexico 6,000 children live on the streets or under dangerous/abusive situations, and thousands more live in extreme poverty.

Mexico does not have a foster care or welfare system; therefore, private orphanages are the norm. These homes rely entirely on through individual donations, usually from the U.S. or Canada.

Since 2010, Unity 4 Orphans has been traveling twice a month to Baja Mexico with volunteers on service trips. We focus mainly on orphanages farther away from the U.S./Mexico Border.

If you want to join us on a day-trip to Mexico please click here to learn more and for upcoming dates. 


Nicaragua is the poorest country in Central America and second poorest country in the western hemisphere.  In 2015 Unity 4 Orphans visited Nicaragua and developed a relationship with various ministries. When we returned in March 2016, we began an official partnership with Centros Emerge. With our help, they were able to add another feeding day for the children and also they were able to start an English program.
We also helped Hogar de Fe to start the building project of a transition room for the older orphans…and this is just the beginning!

Centros Emerge provides meals for children at risk. They feed between 30 to 40 kids twice a week. Emerge also provides Bible studies and mentorship to the kids. They open their doors to 40 kids every day after school and provide snacks and a well-structured tutoring and mentoring program. Now an English program is active and running strong. This program supports 13 kids in their journey of learning English as their second language in order for them to have a more successful future.

Hogar de Fe is an orphanage that helps the orphans and children of extreme poverty by providing a loving atmosphere, schooling, and teaches them the love of Jesus. They currently are finishing up a building project that will change the lives of at least 7 college age girls. When kids turn 18 years old, the orphanages are not obligated to continue their help to these young adults. However, Hogar de Fe built a transition home where these girls can live and learn basic life and social ski

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