Play 4 Change


Relational consistency is a priority for us. Unity 4 Orphans strives for the children we serve to enjoy experiences like any children would. Some of these children never get to leave the orphanages to do anything recreational. Eating out in restaurants or going out to the movies is something these kids never get a chance to do. The orphanages’ budgets sometimes do not even allow for these kids to celebrate their birthdays.

With your donation, these kids can experience school excursions, surf days, movie dates, soccer games, birthday celebrations and even quinceañeras!

Nutrition 4 Change


Unity 4 Orphans manages to help 10 orphanages, in both Mexico and Nicaragua, to meet some of their food needs.When we go on trips to Baja California to visit orphanages twice a month, we take several suitcases filled with canned good items. In Nicaragua, we help sustain two feeding programs that feed 30 to 40 kids!

Education 4 Change

Unity 4 Orphans helps orphanages with monthly tuitions, registrations, uniforms, school supplies, transportation to school, tutoring and mentoring sessions after school, intense summer tutoring classes, and English as Second language (ESL) programs. We currently help 5 orphanages both in Mexico and Nicaragua, all with the intention of helping these children to thrive in school.

Unity 4 Orphans believes Education is critical for all children. Help us continue to educate kiddos in Mexico and Nicaragua, by becoming a monthly Education 4 Change sponsor.

Help the kiddos stay in school!

Unity 4 Orphans is raising money to purchase school uniforms for the kids so they can continue their education in style! Show your support by making a one time donation of $300 or set up a monthly recurring donation of $25.

Your support goes a long way. Thank you!

Shelter 4 Change

Unity 4 Orphans helps different orphanages with building projects so that they can open their doors and operate at maximum capacity. These orphanages are in need of constant repairs and certifications. We have helped 6 orphanages with different repairs, building projects, and transitional rooms for college-age kids.

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