Nicaragua Relief Fund

Joe was recently down in Managua, Nicaragua and saw the Nicaraguan protests first-hand. The people are in rebellion against their country’s leadership, protesting the injustices they feel have been handed down to them by the government. The protests started in May and there is still a lot of violence and fighting in the country. People are afraid of the police and of each other. The violence has severely impacted the daily life of people living in Nicaragua and not just in the capital city of Managua. At one of the churches we support outside the city, where they do a feeding program for around six hundred people, the people in the village are so afraid of the violence, they’ve destroyed the roads. Which means food and supplies can’t get in. The people in the community are very poor and depend on these supplies to survive. We have created a Nicaraguan Relief Fund to help get them the food and supplies they need. Please consider making a donation:

Help support the people in Nicaragua

Make a donation today to help support the people living in Nicaragua.
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