Mobilizing people towards investing in the lives of abandoned children.

What We Do

U4O is a charitable organization established to raise awareness, unite communities, and mobilize people towards creatively and tangibly investing in the lives of abandoned and neglected children.

We Find & Fund
We Build Relationships
We Unite Communities
We Mobilize People

Our Programs

Education 4 Change

We’ve made it a priority to provide English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction to the children we serve. Being able to speak English gives them a leg up in their education and provides future job security. Our program is provided free to the kids and they have a real hunger to learn; in Nicaragua, we have more than sixty students learning English! But we need your help to pay the salaries of our local teachers, purchase the materials they need for their classrooms, and ultimately expand the program to serve even more kids in struggling communities.

Play 4 Change

One of the simplest—yet perhaps most impactful—programs we provide to abandoned children is through our monthly Service Trips. During day trips to orphanages in Tijuana, we always deliver necessary food and supplies, but our main focus is to just play with the kids! Those who join us always say the same thing: the trip impacts them at least as much as it did the kids. The change in perspective and the warmth received from the children stay with volunteers long after we’ve returned to our comfort zones and busy schedules. Consider joining us for this special experience you’ll want to repeat again and again!

Healing 4 Change

Many of the vulnerable children we serve have been through traumatic life experiences and need professional help in order to begin to heal. Some of the kids have been abandoned, abused, and have witnessed things no child should ever see. These types of traumas can create life-altering damage if not addressed by a trained professional. Your support of Healing 4 Change allows U4O to bring in local licensed therapists and counselors to come alongside the kids and help them heal from the inside out. We believe it’s not enough to merely place the educational tools in the hands of these children; they must be supported, so they are able to move forward into brighter futures.

Nutrition 4 Change

Low household income presents a multitude of issues for families and children, with access to healthy food being one of the most impactful as it intersects with a number of other problems. Ensuring proper nutrition and providing access to clean drinking water is a foundational way to support health and encourage progress towards independence in the children’s futures beyond school. To better support these needs, we launched Nutrition 4 Change to create a meaningful difference. When you donate to this fund, you provide a child or their family members with access to foods that promote health and vitality.

Shelter 4 Change

The students we support in Miramar, Nicaragua, and their families live in poverty, with many facing daily challenges to obtain basic needs like food and shelter. Their homes are often constructed of crude materials and consist of whatever they can find and fashion into a home. Conditions out of their control, such as hurricanes, can strike without warning, leaving them with little to nothing that they can rebuild with. Shelter 4 Change provides these kinds of materials, meeting the most basic and crucial needs of the children and their families in this area. In Mexico we work alongside our partner orphanage to carry out practical brick and mortar projects that raise the standard of living for the children under our care.

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