Minh Nguyen

Past Champion

Why did you originally get involved with U4O?

I got involved with U4O for a few reasons: I wanted to support Joe and encourage him in doing God’s work. I also supported him cause it was something I feel like it was in my heart to do, but can only put time here and there for so I can see it through U4O’s eyes and it is also something that I would like to be part of more to help the orphanages more.

How long have you been involved with U4O?

I can’t remember, but probably supported it in one fashion or another since it started.

What motivates you to stay involved with U4O?

It is something that God has placed in my heart to serve and more so in the future.

What do you do as an advisory board member for U4O?

Use my talents in anyway that I can be used for to support it.

Tell us about yourself!

As I get older, I just like relaxing and enjoying time with friends. I have a fitness and wellness business that encompass nutrition, fitness, wellness, and food as medicine. I use these talents to help others enjoy a healthy lifestyle which they need a balance of all including a relationship with God 🙂

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