Kristy Bush

Past Advisory Board Member

Why did you originally get involved with U4O?

I loved what the organization represented and its authenticity in showing kids their light within. Circumstances don’t create who you are and what you become. With the power of God and self confidence within, you can do anything.

How long have you been involved with U4O?

Hmmmmn, let me think…holy wow over 6 years now. This organization brings me such joy!

What motivates you to stay involved with U4O?

The quality and love of those involved. Their sacrifice and willingness to do good for others is very courageous. Also, the kids and seeing them grow as individuals and blossom, nothing better.

What do you do as an advisory board member for U4O?

Help raise money to keep the organization running seamless and smooth. There is a lot you don’t see on the front end that keeps the wheels greased and finances needed for the infrastructure of the organization.

Tell us about yourself!

I love outdoor activities, exercising, quality time with family and friends, mediation and beautiful fellowship spent connecting with others. Weekend scooter rides with the hubby is always a good time too! I Come from a Spanish family that loves to eat good food, cause a ruckus and are filled with love and affection. Am so thankful and blessed to have them!

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