Greyddyn Johanna Rodriguez Merlo


What motivates you to work with our program?

It has been too special to be part of Unity4Orphans Nicaragua, because I have had the opportunity to implement my knowledge and skills to the service of children and families.
I have had many difficulties to get to Miramar due to distances I have to travel every weekend, it is around 250 kilometers and same to come back my home. Nevertheless, when I get to Miramar, at school specially and I see children, I feel that the distances I have traveled have paid off. Getting there and start listening to the kids about their economic needs, emotional deficiency, and dysfunctional families but at the same time their need to learn makes me to enhance my energies and start my work.
My greatest satisfaction has been children’s development and progress as much in their families as in school because of psychological interventions, to see children’s smiles makes me feel so satisfying.

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