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Fighting to create a Brighter Future

Unity 4 Orphans (U4O) officially launched in 2010, but its roots stretch back years earlier. In 2009 U4O’s Founder, Joe Brandi, took a trip to Kenya with World Orphans where the staggering number of orphans worldwide became a reality. Joe committed his life to fighting for vulnerable children. He began his fight for creating brighter futures for orphans by joining forces with The Rock Church in San Diego, CA.

After leading short-term trips to Mexico through the church, his vision grew and Unity 4 Orphans evolved. Unity 4 Orphans focuses on the least assisted orphanages in Mexico and Latin America and has blessed over 2,000 children since 2010. Quality relationships are at the core of Unity 4 Orphans where individual children are provided with the love, consistency, quality relationships, and dignity they deserve.

Meet the Team

Joe Brandi

Santa Cruz / San Diego, CA

Sam Park

Mexico Trip Leader
San Diego, CA

Shannon Fox

Social Media Coordinator
San Diego, CA

Celeste Gomez

Mexico Orphanage Director
Tijuana, MX

Laigthany Gomez

Nicaragua Master ESL Teacher

Ed Andrade

Mexico ESL Teacher
Tijuana, MX

Xochitl Andrade

Mexico ESL Teacher
Tijuana, MX

Peter Gossett

Los Angeles, CA

Board of Directors

Joe Brandi

Santa Cruz / San Diego, CA

Laura Fellows

San Diego, CA

Chris Fromm

San Diego, CA

Sam Hahn

San Diego, CA

Molly Stokas

San Diego, CA

George You

San Diego, CA

Advisory Board Members

Brian Cannelongo

Warwick, MD

Mary Anne Lutz

San Diego, CA

Ted Watson

Apopka, FL

Past Champions

Hannah Smith

Minh Nguyen

Linda Hahn

Kristy Bush

Dan Gossett

Celina Carriero

Adriana Monteiro

Crystine Grace

Tony Silva

Luisa Martinez

Sheril Brasher

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